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Posted by Karina Dalton on Wednesday, October 8, 2014

 [SPAM] Many Email But That Is Kind Of Spaming - [SPAM] Many Email But That Is Kind Of Spaming - [SPAM] Many Email But That Is Kind Of Spaming



Kathleen Benz <mroseline01@yahoo.co.jp>


I sent you an email a few days ago, and am unsure of its arrival at your end destination. However, I would like to bring to your awareness of the urgency of my situation. Let me take a moment to write again to let you know the reason I contacted you.

I am a white single mother, 49 year old from  South Africa who needs to make my fortune work to provide for my son and I am looking for investment opportunities for him oversea specifically to secure his financial future.

I have a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and was a Systems Analyst /Programmer. In past years I worked as Business Development Manager for an EPC company in Ivory Coast owned by my late husband, the company whose focus is on the upstream Oil & Gas market. The company was sold after I was diagnosed with a medical condition, a pancreatic cancer and cannot handle the stress and pressure of the job which provoked a flare-up within my late husband family members since I have few months to live.

Due to my situation, I need your assist to protect the financial future of my son and get your planning guide towards making a possible million dollars ($4.3milion) oversea investment opportunities for him in your country for safe keep. If you can help me handle any investment in your country on behalf of my son, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Looking forward to reading from you soon.

Thank you and warm regard,

Mrs Kathleen Roseline Benz.


Emilia Lord <emilialordloanfirm@outlook.com>

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George Ortiz <george.ortiz@24hoursupportstaff.info>


dja111112@centurylink.net <dja111112@centurylink.net>

----- Original Message -----

I have an Inheritance for you


Mr. Johnson M. John <johnson013@yopmail.com>


I have a business Proposal that will be of benefit to the both of us and I shall be compensating you with Forty percent at the final conclusion. If you are interested please reply ASAP, so I can send you more detail on how we are going to proceed

I await your urgent response,


Mr. Johnson M. John
Please reply to my alternative E-mail Address below: johnsonmj222@terra.com


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