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Posted by Karina Dalton on Wednesday, October 8, 2014

 [SPAM] Becarefull About This Email Spam - [SPAM] Becarefull About This Email Spam - [SPAM] Becarefull About This Email Spam

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Mr. Moussa Oumar mouss_oumar@blumail.org lewat yahoo.com

Hello Sir/Ma,,

I need your assistance to validate your name in our Bank System to enable the Bank transfer the sum of $10.5Million unclaimed fund into your nominated bank account to your account for onward investment ( Hotel industries and Estate building management) or any profitable business in your country and I will give you 40%, for your assistance.

My questions are?

1. Can you handle this project?

2. Can I give you this trust?

If Yes Then Send Me Your Informations;

1.Your Complete Name...

2.Your Country.......

3.Your Occupation...

4.Your Age.

5. Your Identification.

6. Your phone number

To commence this transaction, I require you to immediately indicate your interest by a return mail for more details.
Yours faithfully,
Mr. Moussa Oumar

Executive Director, Africa Development Bank,
Bank,Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.


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Jl. Perintis Kemerdekaan No. 33 Yogyakarta 55161
085755500500 (SMS)


COLIn CHriS WEir <weir9483@embarqmail.com>

MR CHRiS And MrS ColIN WEir aNNoUnCEs THe DonAtiON oF tHE SuM 800,000.00 G B P tO You. PRoViDe

MObILE #-----


Hi Dear
TRACY WILLIAMS <medicinemed010@aol.fr>

Hi Dear,
how are you today I hope that everything is OK with you as it is my great pleasure to
contact you in having communication with you starting from today, i was just surfing
through the Internet search when i found your email address,I want to make a very new
and special friend,so i decided to contact you to see how we can make it work if we can.
please i wish you will have the desire with me so that we can get to know each other
better and see what happens in future.
My name is Tracy Williams,I am from the United States of America but presently I live
and work in England, I will be very happy if you can write me through my private email
address(tracymedicineuk1@yahoo.com) for easy communication so that we can know each other,
I will give you my pictures and details about me


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DR. JOHN MARK <susade44@gmail.com>


This is to bring to your notice that orders given by the Presidency and  the entire house of senate for the year 2014 is that my bank is the chosen bank to pay out all foreign contract/inheritance funds. My bank was ordered after meeting held in the presidential village Aso-Rock Abuja to contact and proceed with payment of your contract/inheritance Funds by informing you that the former bank in charge of your payment via ATM Card being Oceanic Bank plc, Zenith Bank,Union Bank, EcoBank, ETC is no longer in charge of this payment.
I wish to inform you that you're ($7.5M) outstanding payment has been approved and ready to be paid but we want to confirm first from you by giving you our mode of payment this arrangement was agreed between the Presidency and the Senate Committees so take note that we have 2 modes of Payment:
(1) Diplomatic Delivery: That Is Cash Payment Funds Will Be Delivered To Your Address by A Government Accredited Diplomat
(2) ATM Card Payment: An ATM Card Will Be Charged With This Amount with Limited Withdrawals per Day.
I will require you to get back to this office with your decision over a Chosen mode of payment and we will take it from there.
Your urgent response will be highly appreciated.
Yours Respectfully,
John Mark
Director Foreign Payment Department.
Fidelity Bank Plc.


"A pleasure meeting you,"
fara wachiri <farawachiri@latinmail.com>

My Dear, how are you? Am a banker in Africa, I am in need of a foreigner; I want to transfer an abandoned of $15.5M to your acct, 40% for u, contact me for more details.

Fill this form, your Full Name, Phone No, Occupation, Address,

Kind Regards,

Mr. Fara  Wachiri,


Edward Gilly <edwardgilly06@gmail.com>


I got your contact during my search for a reliable, honest and a
trustworthy person to entrust this huge transfer project with . My name is
MR EDWARD GILLY. I am the manager of the Standard Chartered Bank, First
Light Branch, Accra Ghana . I am a Ghanaian, married with two kids. I am
writing to solicit for your assistance in the transfer of funds valued at
$9,620,000.00 (Nine million six hundred and twenty thousand United States
Dollars) only . This fund is the excess of what my branch in which I am the
Manager made as profit during the last annual audition. I have already
submitted an approved end of last year annual report to my head office in
Accra here and they will never know of this excess.

This fund has since placed in a suspense escrow account without a
beneficiary. As an officer of the bank, I cannot directly be connected to
this money due to how it was moved out of my bank, thus I am impelled to
request for your assistance to receive this fund into your bank account for
me. I intend to part 30% of this fund to you as compensation while 70%
shall be for me. All I need from you is to stand as the beneficiary of the
fund. Remember my bank do not know about this money and will not know about
it. All i need from you is to receive this fund and send for me for
percentage shearing . Please if you are interested in this business, kindly
send me your contact address and your phone number for speedy transfer of
this fund to you.

yours Sincerely,


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