[SPAM] I hope you are doing well?.

Posted by Karina Dalton on Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I hope you are doing well?.
Christopher Cooper <global.alliance010@gmail.com> 


I hope you are doing well?.
Christopher Cooper <global.alliance010@gmail.com>

How is your day?

I am Christopher Cooper, I got your details from very restricted web link in the internet in my search for reliable person in your country and I'm sorry about it all. However you don't have to feel any sense of insecurity as I'm only looking to do business with you and will be very pleased to transact business with you there in your country.

However I should be in a position to disclose to you after necessary inquiries and consultation to inform you with good business proposal that will be executed by you on my behalf. Consequently Endeavour to carry out feasibility study of the business environment to enable me be positively assured or a robust a lucrative investment that will be establish in your country and this project will be under your supervision.

I feel very confident on the premise that this proposal will continue to extend cordiality between us precisely on trust security confidence and understanding. I shall be looking forward to your direct contact on my private Email: chcper@yahoo.fr

Sincerely yours,


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