Spam Email From Madina Yakou And Kim Yung

Posted by Karina Dalton on Monday, April 28, 2014

Spam Email From Madina Yakou And Kim Yung


I need your sincere help.
Madina Yakou lewat

Hello Dear,

I need you to assist me in a claim of $6,200,000.00 USD, this claim is genuine and 100 per cent risk free so we MUST remain fiducially in all our dealings, because i cannot achieve this opportunity alone without the support of a foreigner, and for your role in assisting me complete this claim, you will take 30 per cent of the total sum. kindly contact me back and indicate your interest with assurance of trust so that i will give you the full details on how to carry out this claim.

Best regards,
Mrs. Madina.


Kim Yung <>


The Project is about the exportation of 100,000 barrels of Light Crude Oil daily out from Iraq to Turkey through my client's company in Iraq at the rate of $92.00 a barrel. This amount to $9,200,000 daily. I ask for your support as a foreigner to handle this business project with my client and you are not expected to invest in Iraq.

If yes, let me know and we will discuss this project proper.

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