Spam Email Hari Ini ( Email Spam This Day )

Posted by Karina Dalton on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spam Email Hari Ini - Hello kawan apa kabarmu hari ini pastinya baik-baik saja kan doa admin selalu untuk semua.kali ini admin akan posting beberapa email spam yang masuk ke email admin. Hampir setiap hari ada saja email spam yang masuk jadi kalian semua harus berhati-hati yach.

langsung aja ni dia bentuk2 email yang masuk 

  • Yung Kyu Kim

    The Project is about the exportation of 100,000 barrels of Light Crude
    Oil daily out from Iraq to Turkey through my client's company in Iraq
    at the rate of $92.00 a barrel. This amount to $9,200,000 daily. I ask
    for your support as a foreigner to handle this business project with my
    client and you are not expected to invest in Iraq
    If yes, let me know and we will discuss this project proper.

    Contact Private Email :
  • Good day
    Ms CHIANG.


    Please consider this e-mail serious despite the fact that you did not expect it. Hope you are doing well. I am Ms CHIANG Lai Yuen JP, the Managing Director & Deputy Chief Executive of Hang Seng Bank LTD. I have a risk-free deal of $12.5 Million USD from my department which was left unclaimed as a result of non-existing of the beneficiary, provided you will put trust forward and let us share the deal if you are interested. Reply to my private E-mail: for more details.

    Regards from,
    Ms CHIANG Lai Yuen, JP.
  • Your Email Id has Won 5,000,00.00 Pounds From GOOGLE LUCKY DRAW 2014
    Berhati-hatilah dengan pesan ini. Banyak orang menandai pesan serupa sebagai penipuan untuk mendapatkan informasi pribadi, jadi pesan ini mungkin berisi konten yang tidak aman.


    Full Name:
    Home Address:
    Mobile No:
  • BATCH No: 573881545-NL/2014
    Uk National Lottery

    BATCH No: 573881545-NL/2014
    TICKET No:PP 3502 /8707-01

    Your e-mail address has subsequently won you the sum of
    £800,000.00 (GBP)For Claims Procedures
    Contact Person: Mr. Well Paulson +44-7045-702-826

    UK-Lotto Coordinator;
    Mrs. Elizabeth Grethe
  • Notice

    Your Email Id has Won 5,000,00.00 Pounds From GOOGLE LUCKY DRAW 2014

    Full Name:
    Home Address:
    Mobile No:

Berhati-hatilah kawan apabila mendapati email semacam itu bisa-bisa membahayakan akun bank online anda.Intinya jangan mudah memberikan informasi tentang nomer rekening anda. salam kompak selalu

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