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Posted by Karina Dalton on Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spam Email Hari Ini - Hello kawan apa kabarmu hari ini pastinya baik-baik saja kan doa admin selalu untuk semua.kali ini admin akan posting beberapa email spam yang masuk ke email admin. Hampir setiap hari ada saja email spam yang masuk jadi kalian semua harus berhati-hati yach.

langsung aja ni dia bentuk2 email yang masuk 
  •  Gary Crawley
    This is gonna blow your mind...

    So, Empower Network is FAR from MLM... but yet everything
    revolves around residual income. It's SUPER powerful.

    I have built something exclusively for you when you join
    my team called "The $15k Per Month Formula..."

    Here I show you, step by step...

    ...a 90 day, proven action plan to
    go from zero to $15,000 per month...

    ..even if you're starting from scratch.

    In this course, I cover:

    1.  How to get free traffic by social media,
    knowing nothing about SEO - just by being
    you...  With the same 'tricks' that one guys
    used to make over $19,000 his first month...

    2.  How to use social syndication to
    instantly triple your traffic - in less than
    an hour per day... with the same 3 step
    formula that I've used to sponsor more
    than 3,500 people from free traffic

    3.  How to use SEO to get permanent
    traffic...  The same way that one guy
    has generated a six figure income for
    more than 10 years... and used to build
    teams of more than 10,000 people...

    4.  How to re-invest your profits back
    into PPC, and scale your ad budget
    out...  while making more money than
    you're spending...  Like another guy
    has used to 'turn on' a traffic funnel,
    and generate 200 leads in 24 hours...

    ...any time he wants to make some
    money (you can use this for anything)...

    5.  How to use direct mail like one
    member does... to sell millions of
    dollars of info products - without
    picking up the phone...

    (plus, I'll show you some cool
    tricks to recruit 50-100 people
    with a simple voice broadcasting
    strategy I've used since 2009...)

    And last...

    6.  I'm going to show you the
    leadership strategies that yet another
    member has used to earn more than
    $50,000 in 30 days part time - and
    another guy has used to become
    the #1 producer in a massive direct
    sales company... and... to recruit into any business,
    sell any product - and help your
    team make more money... applying the 'leadership core'
    to your team :)

    Cool stuff.

    All you have to do is go here:

    And take action today. I'm going to show
    you a 90 day 'action plan' to move yourself
    forward, taking not steps...

    ...but leaps.

    And because this is all residual income,
    your $15k/month will soon double, triple,
    and more... it gets stupid crazy!

    See ya at the top!

    Gary Crawley
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Berhati-hatilah kawan apabila mendapati email semacam itu bisa-bisa membahayakan akun bank online anda.Intinya jangan mudah memberikan informasi tentang nomer rekening anda. salam kompak selalu

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